Frank Moran





Frank has been studying and performing Improv for more than a decade. He's studied at UCB, iO West, M.I. Westside, The Groundlings, The Nerdist and Miles Stroth.

You can see him every Tuesday night with his Improv Team, MAX, and twice a month on one of LA's longest running genre Improv

Teams, Doctor Who Live - both at iO West.

A skilled improviser, Frank's creative abilities and quick wit keep audiences entertained - and ensure that every class he teaches - hosting or improve - are filled with fun!

Host. Improvisor. PRODUCER.





Armed with a degree in Advanced Curiosity, and with a head full of comic book, pop culture and sports knowledge, Frank has found his calling as a host. He's hosted Undercover Boss for CBS, and WatchHollywood.TV , and currently hosts a variety of after-shows and interview programs for AfterBuzz TV.

When he's not in front of the camera, he's behind a mic on his various podcasts, including Process Junkie, Chatternoster Gang, and The Novice and Frank.


is an LA-based professional improviser, host and hosting coach.

Seen weekly on the stage of the famed Improv Olympics and teaching hosting skills with the Sena-Series Hosting Workshops , Frank's quick wit and enthusiasm makes him a favorite to audiences and students alike!

 Frank utilizes his skills as a host, producer and improviser to help up-and-coming talent strengthen their hosting abilities and sharpen their points of view. Using tips and techniques he's learned from all three disciplines, his goal is to foster and develop your unique voice, to help you be the best YOU possible.

A valued member of the Sena-Series Hosting Workshops/ Carolyne Barry Acting Academy team, Frank leads hosts in Weekly Workouts on Monday nights - and offers one-on-one private coaching for hosts as well.